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Stop Spreading Acne Myths

There are a few allegations as to the causes of acne. As research and science help us ascertain the actual roots, we are able to dispel many of the myths surrounding acne. Nonetheless, the myths nevertheless persist. Here are many more ordinarily known myths:

Myth: Acne is caused by lack of hygiene.

Lack of cleanliness is not the answer for acne. There are skin infections associated with acne due to a intermixture of sebum and dead cells that lie beneath the surface of the skin. Although gentle cleaning of the skin with soap and water once or twice a day will assist in keeping skin as healthy as possible, it is ineffective in clearing away the skin infections. Take care not to clean too rough as this could further aggravate acne.

Myth: Fat and Chocolate will result in acne.

Individuals have believed for years that digesting chocolate will cause pimples. There is no scientific validation for this - tests have shown no direct relationship between eating chocolate and acne breakouts. This is also correct of additional foods like potato chips and French fries. Eating too much of these kinds of food is, unfortunately, unhealthy, and advisable to eat in moderation.

Note: Now chocolate and oily foods do not cause acne, some foods DO seem to it. Milk and foods loaded in iodine (as seen in seafood) appear to aggravate acne.

Myth: Sexual activity is directly linked to acne.

Any and everything from masturbation to celibacy has been blamed for acne. This again is false. Although there is a link between hormone levels and sexual activity, it is unclear what the link between sex and levels of sebum (causing acne.) Emotions and stress also involve hormone levels.

Myth: You will grow out of acne.

Acne can last a matter of weeks or as long as several years. There is no need to try to live with it when there are so many over-the-counter treatments reachable to anyone suffering from the uncomfortableness and embarrassment of acne. Dermatologists are also easily reachable for more severe cases.

Myth: Acne exclusively affects teenagers.

Though 85% of adolescents experience acne, adults are susceptible to suffering from acne when they are in their 30s or 40s.

Myth: Acne is just a skin-deep condition.

Due to the asperity of physical disfigurement acne has led to psychological stress. There are strong links to depression, social detachment and lowered self-esteem.

Myth: Popping/Squeezing pimples can get rid of them faster.

This could actually aggravate acne by spreading the bacteria which is causing it! Squeezing acne can also lead to lasting scarring.

Myth: Sun exposure can help clear up pimples.

Although short-term effects of the sun appear to dry out excess oils, the skin quickly adapts to sun exposure. This eliminates long-term benefits from sun exposure and increases the potential for skin damage and cancer.

Myth: Wearing makeup causes acne.

Healthy skin is the greatest way to fend off acne. Since some makeups can block pores, pimples can in fact result. Cosmetics have inundated the world with labels expressing they are noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic, which means they will not cause acne. These brands of makeup are safe to apply. Some in fact include components that help deal with acne.

Myth: Applying more acne medication will treat the condition quicker.

Overindulgence use of ointments may in reality irritate the skin, worsening the condition. Oral treatments can be dangerous to your overall health. Always take medications as prescribed.

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